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Our aquatic neighbors are all here to be seen at SeaWorld. Penquins, Dolphins, Sharks, Walruses, and the rare Sea Dragons can all be seen in their respective tanks and aquariums. At SeaWorld, the safety and comfort of the animals come before their entertainment value and they are treated with the utmost care by all trainers. This is evident during shows as well as before them when audiences are told about the creatures and what can be done to preserve them in the wild. Entertainment as well as education go into every show and exhibit at SeaWorld so take your family and enjoy the day with Cheap SeaWorld Tickets for the whole group.

Disney World

The mouse with the house, and apparently a loyal worldwide following, is always home at Disney World. Children and adults can have a blast as soon as they walk through the opening gate. But don't think of Disney World as just some theme park. Disney World is more than a theme park. It spans several parks, two of which being Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom. It also has intellectual retreats in the form of Epcot and World Wide Sports. It even gets guests wet at Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. Yes, Disney World is huge. See for yourself by using a Disney Ticket. That's probably one reason they have their own working railroad traversed by a genuine steam engine. On top of the shear size of the park, the detail at each is just as grand. Magic kingdom has the characters walking around, but not just walking around. They are on their way to different planned events all day. Whether it is a photoshoot, or a comedy session, anyone from Mickey to Donald can be found traveling about the park eager to interract with fans.

Animal Kingdom

Much like SeaWorld, Disney's Animal Kingdom is all about exposing the public to the splendor of nature. Here, guests will see assorted wildlife from the crawling to the galloping and to the flying. Stroll through the park and learn about the animals native to Africa, Asia, Australia, and more parts of the world over. Remember that anytime you see an exhibit, take note of the nearby signs or films since education about the creature is just as valuable as the enjoyment you had seeing them. When you are planning your Disney Vacation in Orlando, make Animal Kingdom a must-do along your travels and purchase Discount Animal Kingdom Tickets today.

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom, a particular park of Disney World, is where you will find the iconic stars of the moving picture. Every cast member is a representative of Disney and is there to make your stay more magical. At Magic Kingdom, guests can dine at Cinderella's Royal Table, Liberty Tree Tavern, and the Crystal Palace. What makes eating at a Magic Kingdom restaurant is that the characters eat along with you. Character dining has been incorporated into the rotation of the cast members and is a joy all its own. Join in the fun by purchasing a Disney Ticket For when you are not eating, or walking from ride to ride -and believe me, there are a lot- you can pass the day watching countless events until nightfall. During the night, a whole different experience opens up for guests. With the largest display being spectacular fireworks shows and fountain displays, the nightlife of Disney World's Magic Kingdom can't be missed.


Our final taste of animal parks in Orlando is none other than Gatorland. Signs and Guides will inform guests all about the gators making a living at the attraction. But the best way to learn about the rough lizards is to see them in person. Gatorland has hundreds of large lizards and big mouthed biters roaming the area every day. Take a trip to the swamp and see the powerful jaws of these creatures up close with your Affordable Gatorland Tickets.